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Ondine between one place and the next

Taking on the shape of the Vessel

14 November
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I have black hair, brown eyes and glasses. I like old things, used things and shiny new things. Very shiny.

Mostly black things. :P

And I am mostly guarded about who I am. Except when I'm not.
I like hugs. I like many things.
I dislike many things also. Like the taste of sugar.

And I try to kick myself when I angst.

(And no, I didn't make any of the icons I use. I can't remember where I got them from, but they're not my work.)
80's music, acceptance, aesthetics, alternate history, andrew fletcher, anthony bourdain, antiques, art nouveau, assemblage 23, auguste rodin, barry hughart, beauty, belle epoque, bespoke tailoring, birds, biting, blades, blood, cats, charles stross, cheese, classical music, coffee, comics, consent, conversation, cooking, corsetry, cuddling, david bowie, david gahan, decadence, delerium, depeche mode, documentaries, edible gardening, egullet.com, empathy, eric ripert, erotica, escher, ethnic food, ethnobotany, fandom, fantasy, fetishwear, fidelity, filthy assistants, fine dining, food photography, food writing, forteana, garter belts, gloves, good taste, graphic novels, h.p. lovecraft, haematology, hedonism, heirloom vegetables, high heeled boots, honesty, honey, hourglasses, hugs, humanism, humour, intellectual elitism, iron chef, ivan shishkin, ivan yakovlevich bilibin, jerry uelsmann, jewels, jo clayton, kissing, leather, loathing retail, long skirts, love, martin gore, michael ruhlman, mindfulness, miniskirts, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, non-smoking section, oopas, opera, parody, passion, pathology, paul mcdermott, personal evolution, platinum, playing devil's advocate, polyamory, pro choice, pvc, raw meat, reading, role-playing, ross lovegrove, satin, science fiction, scientific method, sensuality, sex, shannon bennett, sheri s. tepper, shiny things, silk, silver, singing, skin hunger, slow food, smut, spirituality, steel, stories, stripey socks, subversion, synaesthesia, synchronicity, the art of tea, the doug anthony allstars, the smell of leather, titanium, tom lehrer, tord boontje, touching, trained attack shrews, transitions, trust, vintage fabrics, vintage furs, warren ellis, weasels, wine, wordplay, yoshitaka amano


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